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December 28, 2021

By Lance Woolf

You may have never heard of WordPress, so briefly what it is?

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS). Currently more than 40% of the worlds websites are indeed WordPress Websites. It is essentially the software which powers your website, it manages all the files, database and users.

Years ago when websites were first being built, us web designers would need to write all the website code from from scratch, and there wasn’t really an easy way to manage large, amounts of dynamic data. Many solutions came along, but the one that has dominated the website landscape is WordPress.

Wordpress logo website quote

Ok, now that you have a basic overview here are 10 reasons why we build client websites with WordPress

  1. Wordpress is easy to use
  2. Wordpress is open source, free software
  3. Wordpress gives you 100% control over your website
  4. Wordpress is safe and secure
  5. Wordpress is search engine optimsation friendly
  6. Wordpress has thousands of plugins to add custom functionality
  7. Wordpress scales easily with the growth of your business
  8. Wordpress has thousands of support resources available online
  9. Wordpress can adapt to your business
  10. Wordpress can be updated from anywhere in the world

1. It is incredibly easy to use for our clients

Need to switch out or add images? no problem. Need to edit or update text yourself? You can do it all yourself. Duplicate elements. This can be done all without you having to write a single line of code. 

Navigating the system can take a small amount of time getting used to, but once you have a good understanding of the basic interface, you can have a great degree of autonomy with managing your website as part of your business.

Of course, the team at Windpixel are always available to make website changes for your on one-off basis or if you require regular changes, it is more cost effective to take advantage of our website care plans.

Wordpress dashboard area in website
Wordpress Dashboard

2. It is open source, free software

Wordpress is 100% open source which means that there are no ongoing costs to use the WordPress software. There are no surprises, no percentage or all your sales going to another company.

Saved money from free wordpress cost
Wordpress requires no ongoing license fees

3. You have 100% control over your website

There isn’t a big company with complex infrastructure like Squarespace or Wix which you are completely dependent on. If you want to move your wordpress site to another web hosting server, you have the choice. If you want to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress, you don’t have to (although it is recommended to stay up to date with the latest WordPress updates and security patches.

4. WordPress is Safe and Secure

Wordpress is constantly being improved and developed with new WordPress updates being released typically monthly with the latest security patches to keep WordPress as free from hacking as possible.

Data is all encrypted in a database and there are many additional security features we can implement depending upon your website setup.

Man on laptop completing wordpress security updates
Wordpress has regular security updates

5. WordPress is SEO friendly

It is easy to setup and manage pages so they are Search Engine Optimised, Google’s robot’s which crawl the internet looking for pages to index, can identify the important meta data in your page so it knows what your business is about and knows when to serve that page to the right user.

Man using search engine to find websites
Search Engine Optimisation – Website Design

6. WordPress has a huge number of plugins to add functionality

Wordpress allows you to search and add extensions, small programs which add additional functionality to your website.

This can be done in seconds from the WordPress dashboard and many plugins are free. Other platforms like Shoppify and Wix have apps you can add, but you are often to forced to pay for them via subscription. This can quickly add up how much you are paying each month, and we are very big on keeping your ongoing business costs at a minimum.

See how easy it is to search for a huge range of WordPress Plugins, many of them free.

Wordpress dashboard with plugins you can download
Wordpress has a thousands of free and premium plugins

7. WordPress is Scalable with your business

Your website can grow with you business at your pace without you having to pay big initial costs.

For example, if you are a small service based business starting out, and wish to to add payments or sell products online, you can add WooCommerce shopping functionality in when you are ready. Perhaps you only want to start with 10 products? No problem. Ready to list 1000? WordPress can handle this too.

8. Thousands of Support Resources are available online

As WordPress is ubiquitous, you can find tutorials and solutions to trouble shooting WordPress issues very quickly online. Youtube has tens of thousands of video tutorials which visually explain how to do many thing.

9. We can build a website which matches your brands feel and meet the operational needs of your business

A website which has unique elements will make your brand stand out from the crowd. This is important in a very competitive online landscape.

WordPress gives us the flexibility to design your website close to your business needs without having to develop a unique website framework from the ground up.

Logos of famous brands
Wordpress can be completely styled to match any brand

10. Access your website from anywhere in the world

WordPress is supported by all modern browsers and it is easy to to login safely and securely via any browser to make changes to your website or check store orders.

So if you have dreams of operating your website from a pool in Bali, WordPress if for you.

Wordpress login screen
Login to wordpress from any browser

You are still reading! Thanks for sticking with us!

Websites can be complicated, but they don’t have to be. Windpixel offer a wide range of website design services, so if you have any questions, get in touch and we can discuss a website which meets the needs of your business