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9 website design layouts

February 23, 2022

By Lance Woolf

Welcome to the Topic “9 Website Design Layouts that will Make your Users Come Back for MORE”

9 Website Design Layouts that will Make your Users Want MORE

A design can make or break your website. 

While many designers focus on the technical elements of their creations, it’s the aesthetics that often get left behind. 

If you want your business to succeed online, you need to not only ensure that your site is functional but also looks good. 

Ultimately, what separates an attractive design from a great design? Well, it all boils down to making your users want more.

What is Website Layout?

A website layout is the structure and composition of a web page. Designers use precise measurements and positions to create this framework. 

Various elements such as text, images, videos, links, and menus are organized in some special way to deliver a message or build an application.

How does website layout impact your users?

People come to your site for only one reason to get something done. If they can’t, they hit the back button (which is bad for you). 

The layout of your website has a direct impact on whether or not your users are successful in their quest to accomplish an objective or task.

What makes a good layout design? 

A good design does what it’s supposed to do-it meets users’ needs

For example, new visitors should be able to find what they’re looking for immediately, even if they can’t tell you what that is yet.

While some types of layouts are more popular than others – don’t assume this means it fits your website perfectly. 

Keep in mind that users will judge your choice of design, layout, and content in a split second. Nowadays, there are 9 different layouts that create perfect solutions for your users.

Website design layouts

Website Design Layouts

1. One Column Layout

One column is the simplest of them all – it doesn’t take much to implement this type of design. As its name suggests, one column has everything placed into one long vertical strip. 

One column layout is most suited for personal blogs, portfolios, small businesses, and news websites 

Tips to make this design work for you: Try embedding services or widgets into your content with iFrames or JavaScript code. Infuse some life into the design by integrating GIFs or videos in between text segments 

2. Two Column Layout

Two columns is an extremely efficient design for blogs, newspapers, and magazine websites. This type of layout separates information into two distinct columns. 

Since it can be difficult to create engaging content that lives in this format, designers often provide readers with the option to subscribe to RSS feeds or receive newsletters 

Tips to make this design work for you: Keep the focus on content by keeping ads off to the side or hidden from view. Try a two-column theme with a sidebar menu created for your WordPress site.

3. Three Column Layout

Three columns have become a popular choice for eCommerce websites and blog-style sites that want to integrate product descriptions into their posts. 

This type of design spreads content across three equal columns. The vertical alignment allows the viewer of the website to process information easily 

Tips to make this design work for you: Make your product or services stand out with high-quality images or videos. Don’t forget to include links that allow users to get more info concerning your offerings 

Best Website Design Layout Examples

Here’s the list of 9 Website design layouts that make users want more:

1. Hubspot Website Design Layout

The layout of Hubspot is eye-catchy and innovative. It follows a three-column layout and has a curvy shape at the top right corner that adds to its design. 

At the bottom, there are tabs that help users navigate through different pages of the Hubspot website. It uses vibrant yet simple colors to make it stand out from other websites.

2.AutoMoto Website Design Layout

The layout design of this website is very clear and simple as it uses both images and words to convey the message to the user. There is a menu bar that has all information clearly listed in black and white fonts. 

The title image slides up as you scroll down the page and shows more information about car products. 

It also includes a slider at the top with images of different products and services offered by this company, providing users with various options to choose from.

3. The Burea Website Design Layout

It uses an image to display the logo of the company at the top left corner, along with a simple slider displayed on the right side. 

The page is neatly divided into three parts to organize information about their services. Fonts are large enough, and there are just 2 colors used in this website, making it clean and organized.

4. Fittr Website Design Layout

This layout uses the same image from the top to display their logo, along with a picture of a bodybuilder at the bottom left corner. 

The site has only one menu, which is clearly displayed on top of the page in a tab form. It follows a one-column layout and uses a bright white color with red as the accent.

5. Pizza Hut Website Design Layout

The Pizza Hut website, like its restaurant menu, has several options to choose from – pasta, pizzas, drinks, and desserts! 

The layout of this page is very simple and follows a one-column design with an image on top and text below it. 

It also uses catchy colors like red and orange to make the site stand out and a menu bar on top with tabs which makes it easy for users to navigate through the different categories of their products.

6. Etsy Website Design Layout

This website follows a one-column layout design to present all relevant information about their products. It has an image slider at the top with images of different products and services offered by Etsy. 

All this information is clearly divided into two parts – general details on top and detailed information below it. 

There are also quite a number of categories listed below, so it gives users lots of options if they are looking to buy something specific.

7. Homesite Website Design Layout

For creative people looking for creative homesites, this website has come up with an innovative layout design that includes a background image of different houses arranged in the shape of the letter “H.” 

Website design layouts

Website Design Layouts

This is then displayed at the top of the page, along with the text. 

The design is very simple, and it has two notable features on its right side; classified ads for people who are looking to buy or sell homesites and a featured listings section where they display homesites of their customers.

8. Nike Website Design Layout

This website follows a one-column layout with a black menu bar on top and an image slider to showcase different products. 

It has a catchy pink color scheme with a popsicle image at the bottom right corner, which is also reflected in their promotional photos for summer.

9. Puma Website Design Layout

This website follows a one-column layout design that is very minimalistic and simple. 

It includes an image slider at the top with different sub-categories and also includes videos that showcase their products. It uses colors like orange to make it stand out from other websites and has a menu bar on top for easy navigation.

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