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Windpixel: Your Perth-Based Google Ads Partner, Investing in Results. Low-Cost Management for More Leads, Sales & Profits

Experience the difference with Windpixel, a Perth-based web design and digital marketing agency driven by the success of local businesses. As proud Australian owners and operators, we understand the unique needs of Perth businesses and deliver tailored solutions.

Our expertise lies in crafting exceptional websites that not only captivate visually but also align with your business objectives. We take the time to deeply understand your brand and goals, enabling us to develop strategies that outshine the competition and propel your business forward.

Partner with Windpixel, and together we’ll unleash the endless possibilities for your online success. Let our passionate team of experts guide you towards a website that not only impresses but also accelerates your business growth. Contact us today to get started.

At Windpixel, we’re here to help Perth businesses succeed online with our customized Google Ads strategies and digital marketing solutions that deliver a strong ROI. Contact us today!

Lance Woolf

Founder, Web Developer & Digital Marketing Strategist

Our Goal is simple
Maximise your Return on Investment

When you choose Windpixel for Google Ads Management, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to maximising your ROI. Let us help you:

Increase Your Online Visibility

Be where your customers are when they search on Google

Maximise leads and conversions

Our data-driven approach means more conversions and higher RO

Maximize Your Budget

We make every dollar count with efficient ad spend

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Outshine competitors and dominate your market

Save Time & Money

Educate clients about your products and services from one place.

Forge Trust in Your Brand

Build trust through real experiences with automatic Google reviews feeds and testimonials.

Going solo can be costly.
We will Save you time & money

It happens a lot, clients try to do it all on their own, navigating the Google Ads landscape is tricky when it doesn’t work, they come to us. Avoid these common mistakes:

Common Dangers of Self-Managed Google Ads:

  • Inefficient Budget Management: Self-managers may overspend or underspend due to a lack of expertise in budget allocation and optimization.
  • Poor Keyword Selection: Choosing the wrong keywords or failing to update them can result in wasted ad spend.
  • Ineffective Ad Copy: Writing compelling ad copy that converts requires copywriting skills, which self-managers may lack.
  • Inadequate Targeting: Incorrect audience targeting can lead to irrelevant clicks and reduced ROI.
  • Neglecting Negative Keywords: Failure to include negative keywords can result in ad impressions and clicks from irrelevant searches.
  • Lack of A/B Testing: Self-managers might not conduct proper split testing to optimise ad performance.
  • Ignoring Ad Extensions: Neglecting ad extensions can limit the visibility and appeal of your ads.

  • Limited Ad Quality Score: Inexperienced managers may struggle to improve Quality Scores, affecting ad rank and costs.
  • Inconsistent Monitoring: Regular monitoring and adjustments are crucial for campaign success, and self-managers may not dedicate enough time.
  • Failure to Utilise Advanced Features: Google Ads offers many advanced features and tools that self-managers may not be aware of or comfortable using.

Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Google Ads Manager:

  • Expertise: Dedicated managers have expertise in optimising campaigns, leading to better results.

  • Budget Optimisation: They can efficiently allocate your budget to maximise ROI.
  • Keyword Research: Skilled managers conduct thorough keyword research to target the most relevant and cost-effective keywords.
  • Effective Ad Copy: They create compelling ad copy that increases click-through rates and conversions.
  • Precise Targeting: Managers use advanced targeting options to reach your ideal audience.
  • Negative Keyword Management: They actively manage negative keywords to reduce irrelevant clicks.
  • A/B Testing: Managers perform A/B testing to optimise ad performance continually.

  • Ad Extension Utilization: They leverage ad extensions to enhance ad visibility and engagement.

  • Quality Score Improvement: Skilled managers work on improving Quality Scores, reducing costs, and increasing ad rank.

  • Regular Monitoring and Reporting: Dedicated managers monitor campaigns daily, make real-time adjustments, and provide detailed performance reports.

What Client Success looks like
We will Save you time & money

We work with a range of businesses across different industries, taking the time to understand their businesses to craft effective Google PPC Campaigns tailored to their specific budget, client and needs.

65x ROI

Solar Business, WA

Since 2020, we’ve been successfully managing Google Ad Campaigns for our valued client, a specialised solar business. In the first few months, we achieved an exceptional 65x ROI for them. Beyond Google Ads, we also take care of their website management, SEO optimisation, and lead generation efforts, delivering a comprehensive digital marketing solution tailored to their unique solar industry needs.

6x ROI

Electrical Business, NT

In 2021, a Darwin-based Electrical Services business partnered with us to boost lead generation among small businesses. We crafted multiple cost-effective campaigns, continuously optimizing ad spend and adapting to new Google Ads features. Our highly targeted efforts now reach approximately 115,000 individuals in the Northern Territory and nearby regions. Moreover, Windpixel oversees their website management and lead generation, providing a seamless, end-to-end experience.

8x ROI

Decking Installation Business, WA

In 2023, we embarked on a productive journey with a decking installation business, setting the stage for a successful partnership. Despite having one of the lowest ad spends we manage, our efforts have generated an exceptional 8x ROI on their monthly sales through effective Google Ad Campaigns. In addition to our advertising prowess, we also oversee their website management, ensuring it remains optimized and their lead generation efforts seamless, delivering a comprehensive digital marketing solution.

Google Ads Management
Optimised for your Business

From Expert Web Design to Google Ads Management, We’ve Got You Covered.
We specialize in crafting tailored websites to empower a diverse range of businesses.

Trades & Services Websites that Elevate Your Craft

In the world of Trades & Services, precision and reliability are paramount. Our solutions are designed to streamline your operations, enhance customer experiences, and boost your bottom line. Discover how we can help you excel in your industry.

Would you like to:

  • Establish a professional online image
  • Inform Clients about your Trade & Services
  • Generate Leads from Qualified Clients
  • Get Quote Requests via Webforms

Discover more

Mining & Minerals Websites that Dig Deeper

In Mining and Minerals, your website should reflect your industry’s innovation and expertise. Our web solutions offer a platform to showcase your projects, engage stakeholders, and stay at the forefront of the industry.

Would you like to:

  • Establish a professional brand
  • Showcase your projects or services
  • Convey your commitment to sustainability
  • Generate Leads from Qualified Clients
  • Get enquiries via Webforms

Engineering Websites Built with Precision

Engineering firms require websites as precise as their work. Our web solutions cater to the intricate needs of the engineering sector, ensuring your projects are well-represented and your expertise shines through.

Would you like to:

  • Establish a professional online image
  • Inform Clients about your Engineering & Fabrication Services
  • Showcase your manufucturing, assembly and fabrication projects
  • Generate Leads from Qualified Clients
  • Get Quote Requests via Webforms

Online Shopping and E-commerce Wesbites that Websites that Drive Sales

The E-commerce landscape is competitive, and your website needs to stand out. Our e-commerce solutions provide you with the tools to create captivating online stores, optimize user experiences, and drive growth.

Would you like to:

  • Establish a professional onlinebrand
  • Showcase your productss or services
  • Manage Inventory, pricing, tax and shipping
  • Allow customers to manage accounts and place orders
  • Take payments with Credit Cards, Afterpay or Paypal
  • Get customer enquiries via Webforms

Healthcare, Dental & Wellbeing Websites for when Patient Care Counts

In the Healthcare, Dental, and Wellbeing sector, delivering exceptional care is your top priority. Our solutions empower you to provide top-notch services while optimizing your practice’s efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Would you like to:

  • Establish a professional online health brand
  • Inform patients & customers about your appointments
  • Generate Leads from Qualified Clients
  • Integrate with booking platforms such as hotdoc, health engine
  • Get enquiries via Webforms

ASX Listed Company Websites thates that Enhance Investor Relations

For ASX-listed companies, an investor-focused website is a strategic asset. Our web solutions are designed to enhance investor relations, provide timely updates, and ensure compliance with ASX listing requirements.

Would you like to:

  • Establish a professional online brand
  • Enhance Investor Relations
  • Meet Corporate Governan
  • Allow customers to manage accounts and place orders
  • Take payments with Credit Cards, Afterpay or Paypal
  • Get customer enquiries via Webforms
Get your own dedicated Digital Marketing Strategist & Web Developer for your business.

We’re with you every step of the way, from building your first website to running effective marketing campaigns. No outsourcing here—our team is dedicated to understanding and caring for your audience. Experience complete online solutions that truly connect with your customers.

Read our easy FAQ for
Answers to your Questions

From Expert Web Design to Google Ads Management, We’ve Got You Covered.
We specialize in crafting tailored websites to empower a diverse range of businesses.

Google Ads is like your virtual billboard on the internet. It allows businesses, like yours, to showcase ads on Google’s search results and partner websites. You bid on keywords, and when folks search for those keywords, your ads can pop up.

Google Ads is your trusty partner in boosting your online presence. It helps you connect with folks actively looking for what you offer. It’s like having a friendly guide in the digital jungle, leading potential customers straight to your doorstep.

The cost of Google Ads typically has two components:

  1. Google Ads Monthly Management Cost: This is the fee you pay to a us,, for managing your campaigns. Prices can start from around $200 per month, depending upon how many campaigns we are running. Think of it as having a skilled navigator to steer your ship through the digital waters.

  2. Your Monthly Google Ads Spend: This part is flexible and entirely up to you. You set your daily and monthly budget based on what you’re comfortable with and your campaign goals. Whether it’s $500 or $5,000, you control how much you invest in reaching potential customers.

So, the total cost is a combination of these two elements. It’s like planning a trip where you decide both how much you pay for a tour guide and how much you spend on activities during the journey.

The payment of Google Ads typically has two components:

  1. Google Ads Monthly Management Cost: We will charge your credit or debit card monthly each month at the same time.

  2. Your Monthly Google Ads Spend: Google will charge your credit or debit card direct, when your account reaches the billing threshold. Typically this is $1000, although this can be changed to suit.

If you ever decide to pause or cancel your Google Ads campaigns, you have the flexibility to do so at any time. Here’s how it works:

  • Pausing Campaigns: You can temporarily stop your campaigns by pausing them. This is a good option if you want to take a break but plan to resume advertising later.

  • Canceling Your Account: If you no longer wish to use Google Ads and want to stop all advertising, you can cancel your account. Keep in mind that any outstanding costs or balances will need to be settled before closing the account.

  • Billing Adjustments: After canceling, Google will provide any applicable refunds or billing adjustments for unused funds or prepaid amounts.

Remember, it’s your account, and you have full control over when and how you use it. If you ever decide to re-engage with Google Ads in the future, you can simply reactivate your account.

Think of Google Ads as your express lane and organic search results as the scenic route. Ads are paid, and they appear at the top and bottom of search pages. Organic results are unpaid and show up based on Google’s fancy algorithms.

You’re the captain of your ship, and you can certainly sail solo. But having expert help is like having a seasoned navigator who knows all the shortcuts. It can make your journey smoother and more rewarding.

The best strategy is your compass. It guides your ship based on your goals. Manual CPC, automated bidding, target CPA, or target ROAS—it depends on where you want to sail.

It’s like sending party invites only to friends who love your style. Use settings like demographics, interests, and location to make sure your ads reach the right folks—your future customers.

Negative keywords are like guards at your party’s door. They keep out unwanted guests by excluding irrelevant searches. It saves your budget for the folks who matter most.

Tracking success is like checking the map during a road trip. Google Analytics and conversion tracking help you keep tabs on clicks, conversions, and how your budget is doing. We give you direct access to the Google Analytics platform, so you can check performance or budget spend, anytime.

Get your own dedicated Google Ads Digital Marketing Strategist for your business.

We’re with you every step of the way, from building your first website to running effective marketing campaigns. No outsourcing here—our team is dedicated to understanding and caring for your audience. Experience complete online solutions that truly connect with your customers.

Best Web Designer In Perth
What our clients say about our
Exceptional Service

We are deeply committed to the success of our clients. Our unwavering dedication means that we work tirelessly to achieve your goals and exceed your expectations, giving your business the best chance to thrive.

High Pressure Darwin
High Pressure Darwin
Best in the business
Alicia Gately
Alicia Gately
Amazing work. Was knowledgeable in every aspect and very professional.
Bayswater Dental
Bayswater Dental
Could not be happier with the service Lance provided for us. Communication was prompt and professional, and he was very patient and understanding with my lack of website/IT knowledge. Several years of website issues with a different provider was swept away in a few weeks with streamless effort.
Windpixel Web Design's personal and professional approach to actualising my vision for my freelance business was second to none. I wholeheartedly appreciate the dedication, the time and the price. Cheers!
Jon Kirk
Jon Kirk
Lance from Windpixel could not come more highly recommended. Fantastic service, great communication and ongoing support. If you’re looking for a website, Windpixel are definitely your go to!
Lance has been a lifesaver for our business . . . I made the mistake of going with another company and after 6 frustrating months and many thousands spent I gave up on them and had to start again. Luckily we found Lance . . . his commitment to building a quality site for our business and attention to detail were a breath of fresh air and I can't recommend him highly enough.
Lance did our website and we couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for your hard work.
James Eadon
James Eadon
I was looking for a web designer / marketing specialist and was recommended Lance at Windpixel. Nothing is to much trouble for him, he is a great communicator and is really easy to work with. Lance’s customer service is excellent and he responded to my queries almost immediately. I had an idea of what I was after but let him do the designing; So far he has designed a new logo, business cards and we are currently working on a new website together I am really happy with the designs and I cannot recommend Lance highly enough.
Jordan Eley
Jordan Eley
Recently worked with lance to design our carpentry business webpage. The entire process was simple yet highly detailed and the final product was better than imagined. This guy definitely has some great talent!
I approached Windpixel to assist with the development of a family history website. The plan was to produce a community-based rather than a commercial website. Lance worked sensitively to accommodate the needs of family members who lack computing and website skills. The most important requirement was simple and easy navigation. I wanted clean lines and a bold presentation. Lance achieved much more than this. We have a very classy product. The outcome is excellent. Lance understood the long-term implications of an archival website. He has ensured that the website has room to grow as new family research emerges. He provided strong guidance for the preparation of content, which helped me enormously. He works intelligently and intuitively. He is focused, efficient, patient, and personable. It is very easy to work with Lance and he charges a fair price. I will be working with Lance, long-term, to maintain the website. I highly recommend him to you. Professor Lynne Hunt PhD