Latest website design trends

February 23, 2022

By Lance Woolf

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Latest Website Design Trends

Website design is a constantly evolving field, and these changes are due to the increasing demand for websites that offer a better user experience. 

These design trends have been emerging over the years and continue even today because they work.

When a user lands on your webpage, you have mere seconds to capture their attention before they leave. This is why many experts have been advocating for a cleaner approach while designing web pages. 

Design simplicity has been giving us some of the most beautiful websites we see today. 

Here are some of the latest website design trends that you can add to your next project.

1) Fluid Grids

The latest website design trends use Fluid Grids, which means that instead of sitting centered within its container, it will fill up all the available space with different layouts at different screen widths. 

This is widely used for responsive layouts that adapt according to the device’s viewport.

2) Movement and Animation

These fluid sites are not only great in design but also come with smooth parallax scrolling effects, animations, and subtle transitional effects

These web pages are filled up with interesting text-based information that matches the theme of the website perfectly. 

Sites like these break down boring content into bite-sized pieces so users can consume them easily.

3) Large Images Sliders

Large images sliders have become quite popular over the past few years to better engage visitors on your website. 

Using large high-quality images helps in grabbing attention immediately while taking users through a journey. It keeps visitors engaged by helping them discover different aspects of your brand. 

This is why web designers are using more of these sliders in recent times, especially because they help to provide a better user experience which can result in increased conversions.

Latest website design trends

Latest Website Design Trends

4) Big Bold Texts

Using big, bold texts has been popular for quite some time now. 

Big text is easy to read even from a distance, which means that it works best for landing pages that are generally viewed by users who are not too close to their computer screens. 

It’s important to remember that when you try large text on your website, you need to do it tastefully, so it doesn’t look spammy or out of place. 

For example – “Shop Now” or “Sign Up.” 

You wouldn’t want visitors thinking your website is an advertisement. Rather you want them to take your call to action seriously.

5) One Page Websites

One of the latest website design trends includes one-page or single-page websites

These are long scrolling sites made with one large page that users can scroll through vertically, mimicking the traditional print design techniques. 

The scrolling allows visitors to easily navigate through sections of the site without any distractions or extra elements that can affect their experience on your website. This trend became popular because it’s easy for designers and developers to create these types of layouts. 

It also gives freedom to web designers as there aren’t any limitations within a single page layout, so they can unleash their creativity and do whatever they want. 

All content will be visible even when someone scrolls down, which makes it easy for viewers to consume the information.

6) Hand Drawn Illustrations

Hand-drawn illustrations gained a lot of popularity last year. 

These illustrations work best for those who want to stand out from the crowd. 

It is an artistic way to express creativity as it gives you as a web designer more room for experimentation and adding your own unique style of drawing or sketching. 

However, if you aren’t good at illustrating yourself, there are many websites that provide custom hand-drawn illustration services at affordable rates, so you don’t have to spend a fortune on these types of designs.

7) Bold Typography Headings

Bold Typography Headings have been gaining momentum over time because it helps attract users’ attention immediately. It means that they will be able to scan through the content of your page instantly. 

This is a great way to highlight important information within each section of your site, especially because it will break up long blocks of texts into readable chunks.

8) Large Scale Typography

Large-scale typography is another latest website design trend that has been gaining popularity over the past few years. 

You can truly express yourself as a web designer because you are not limited by anything within this style. 

It provides you with more freedom to make bigger changes without breaking any rules, which means there are no restrictions or creativity blocks when it comes to designing these types of layouts. 

Not only does this look attractive, but it also gives you plenty of opportunities for showcasing your creativity, making a big impact on viewers, and getting their attention easily.

9) SVG Line Icons

SVG Line Icons are not really a new thing. 

In the past, designers used SVG symbols or icon fonts to create line icons, but things have changed over time, and this trend has been gaining popularity recently. The reason is that it’s easier for developers to work with since they don’t require an external font file anymore. 

It also ensures legibility on high-resolution screens, which means you can use these types of icons if your website is viewed on different devices. 

The main reason why designers prefer working with SVG files is that they take up less space compared to icon fonts, so your site loads faster without any extra efforts from web developers’ end.

10) Hand-Picked Content

Hand-picked content users get a sneak peek into featured content or elements that you might be discussing on your main page. 

It is a good way to grab your audience’s attention and give them a sneak peek inside the “special things” within your site, so they don’t have to search for it themselves.

11) Interactive Content

Interactive content allows web designers to add an extra interactive experience to their website, which helps users immerse themselves in your site. 

Some types of interactions could be, but are not limited to: 

  • polls 
  • surveys
  • contests
  • quizzes and 
  • questionnaires

This makes it easier for visitors to engage with you and feel like part of the community, rather than just being passive viewers. Web designers trying out this style should consider making something useful that would stand out from the rest.

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