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Green Living Lamps


The Client Brief

Green Living Lamps - Illuminating Aquatic Beauty Online Store

Green Living Lamps, a purveyor of illuminated lamps that showcase the captivating beauty of aquatic plants, sought a minimalist, clean, and professional website to showcase their products. They desired an online platform that would engage customers and provide a seamless shopping experience. Additionally, they required a wide range of payment solutions, including credit card processing and Afterpay, to cater to diverse customer preferences. Accurate Australia Post shipping calculations and efficient inventory management were also essential for streamlined operations.

Our Solution

Illuminate your world with our minimalist website design, seamless payments, and accurate shipping for Green Living Lamps.

Our solution involved creating a visually stunning website for Green Living Lamps, capturing the essence of their aquatic-inspired lamps. We developed a minimalist design that emphasised the beauty of their products while ensuring a clean and professional aesthetic. To cater to their customers' needs, we integrated a comprehensive range of payment solutions, including credit card processing and Afterpay, allowing for convenient and flexible purchasing options. Moreover, we implemented live Australia Post shipping calculations, enabling customers to view accurate shipping costs based on their location and preferred shipping method. To facilitate seamless operations, we incorporated an efficient inventory management system, empowering Green Living Lamps to track stock levels, manage product variations, and provide real-time availability updates.

The result is a captivating website that immerses visitors in the aquatic beauty of Green Living Lamps' illuminated creations. Customers can effortlessly explore the product range, make secure and convenient purchases using various payment options, and benefit from accurate shipping calculations. The streamlined inventory management system ensures efficient operations and up-to-date availability information. Through our collaborative efforts, Green Living Lamps now possesses a visually appealing and highly functional website that reflects their brand and engages customers in a seamless shopping experience.

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