Scarp realty website design

Scarp Realty

Gooseberry Hill, Western Australia

Industry: Scarp Realty

The Client Brief

Website Rescue & Rebuild

Scarp Realty, a well establish real estate agency with over 28 years of combined real estate experience, faced a significant setback when they lost their entire previous website. This unexpected loss posed a substantial challenge to their operations, hindering their ability to effectively showcase new property listings in the Gooseberry Hill area of Western Australia. With their online presence disrupted, Scarp Realty's capacity to generate leads and engage with potential home owners was severely compromised.


Our Solution

It starts with an Appraisal & ends with a sold

To address Scarp Realty's predicament, We swiftly intervened to provide a comprehensive solution. Recognising the urgency of the situation, our team diligently worked to recover essential data and rebuild the website from scratch. Leveraging our expertise in modern web standards, we meticulously crafted a new online platform tailored to Scarp Realty's needs. By optimising the website's functionality and user experience, we aimed to enhance lead generation for new property listings in the Gooseberry Hill area. Through close collaboration with Scarp Realty, we ensured that the final product not only met but exceeded their expectations, empowering them to regain their competitive edge in the real estate market.

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