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The Routine Training Studio


The Client Brief

The Routine Training Studio (TRTS) - Empowering Fitness Journey

TRTS, also known as The Routine Training Studio, approached us with a comprehensive request to elevate their brand and online presence. As a reputable chain of local Perth gyms, they sought a complete overhaul, encompassing a new website, logo, and brand identity. With a strong focus on member benefits, including weight loss, strength gains, and more, TRTS aimed to create a compelling online platform that would captivate and motivate their target audience.

Our Solution

Transforming TRTS's Online Presence: Empowering Fitness Journey with a Dynamic Website

To fulfil TRTS's vision, we embarked on a transformative journey to develop a professional website and revitalise their brand. Collaborating closely with their team, we meticulously crafted a visually stunning website that seamlessly integrated with their existing membership system. Embracing a blue, white, and black colour palette, we created a dynamic and modern design that resonates with TRTS's energetic and empowering atmosphere.

Throughout the website, we strategically showcased the multitude of benefits offered to TRTS members, with a particular emphasis on weight loss, strength gains, and overall fitness achievements. To drive engagement and conversion, we implemented strong calls to action, encouraging visitors to embark on their own fitness journey with TRTS. Furthermore, we incorporated various interactive features and functionalities to enhance user experience and keep visitors actively engaged.

The final result is a comprehensive online platform that accurately reflects TRTS's brand identity and effectively communicates their fitness offerings. With a visually captivating website and a seamless user experience, TRTS is well-positioned to inspire and motivate individuals on their transformative fitness journey.

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