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Strategies to generate website leads

April 4, 2022

By Lance Woolf

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It’s obvious to optimize your website to create leads. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as putting a “Click Here” link on your home page and waiting for the leads to come in. Marketers and designers must instead adopt a more strategic approach.

Strategies To Enhance Your Website for Lead Generation:

Let’s look at some easy strategies to make your website optimized for lead generation:

Begin with a simple call to action on your homepage:

If the design of your homepage is what draws people in, the CTA is what keeps them there. Do not, however, overload your visitors with an invitation to view your most lengthy or complex content.

Your homepage should provide a subscription or free trial to a recurring program, such as a newsletter because it is at the head of the marketing funnel. On the homepage of your website, consider putting one of the following CTAs:

Subscribe to Updates:

Consumers, overall, want their user experience to be as unobtrusive as their purchasing experience. When consumers first come across your website, they’re often not prepared to make a purchase.

Invite customers to subscribe to an email that informs them about industry news and product updates to teach them about you with little work or commitment on their behalf. Follow up with those who choose to remain on the email list to gauge their interest and convert them into marketing leads.

Free Trial:

A developing company’s bread and butter are free samples and demos. They enable you to develop a contact list of prospects who are now testing your product and driving demand in your business.

Have your product available to sample for free for a limited period on your homepage, with a CTA and a form to gather their names and email addresses.

Evaluate The Effectiveness of Each Lead Generator:

Examine how each of your current lead generators contributes to your business and solicit suggestions to improve your existing content.

You may also contrast landing pages that perform well with landing pages that aren’t.

Finally, it would help if you considered conducting internal reports. Determine which offers are operating the best by analyzing landing page views, CTA clicks, and thank-you page visits, and then develop additional similar recommendations.

Strategies to generate website leads

Strategies To Generate Website Leads

Include Forms to Pages with The Most Traffic:

Before you start, you should benchmark your current level of lead production so you can track your progress and identify the areas where you need to grow the most. You may not believe it, but some of your pages could be terrific lead generators.

First, examine your lead generators, which are the sources of most of your online traffic and engagement. Here are some of the most typical places where a company might receive visitors:


Users that click over to your site from one of your emails may drive traffic to your site.

Social Media:

Customers that participate in a campaign via one of your social media profiles may drive traffic to your site.

Live Chat:

Users may contact your customer support team through a live chatbox on your website, increasing traffic.

Blog Entries:

Your best-performing blog posts drive traffic.

Once you’ve figured out where your leads are arriving from, make sure the pages they’re coming on are doing everything possible to keep a visitor’s attention piqued.

Add longer-form content to your most popular website pages that visitors may access through forms that collect their contact information.

Distinguish Your CTAs:

Dynamic content allows you to personalize each web visitor’s experience on your site. When visitors arrive on your site, they will see photos, buttons, and product selections personalized to their interests, the sites they’ve visited, and the goods they’ve purchased previously.

Personalized calls-to-action also convert 42 percent more visitors than standard calls-to-action. In another way, dynamic content and on-page personalization aid lead generation.

Create A Live Chat Feature for Your Website:

Live chat services are becoming more sophisticated, but more customers are expecting them when learning about businesses they might wish to buy from. This could mean you’re missing out on a huge source of leads.

Audit your website to identify which pages your users spend the most time on to generate leads using live chat. If you have the proper development resources, you can put a live chat option on the pages where clients need the most help or information. This helps you gather and log information about their product demands while addressing their queries in a friendly manner.

You can also integrate your customer support team with your live chat function, depending on who initiates the chat and your visitors’ questions. Live chats ensure that every website visitor’s needs are met regardless of where the conversation goes.

Provide E-books for Download on Certain Blog Posts:

Another non-intrusive strategy to develop an interest in your company is to write blog posts that promote a whitepaper or e-book where your website visitors may learn more about the subject they recently read about on your blog.

Here is where search engine optimization meets lead generation.

Your blog content will help you build the page authority you’ll need to get your website to the top of search engine results. Google organic visitors are more likely to be looking for solutions to an issue you can solve, making this type of lead creation extremely useful.

Cultivate your leads:

Remember that no lead will turn into a customer by itself. Leads are just as effective as the nurturing you do with them.

Put leads into a pipeline once they fill in a form on your homepage, so they don’t forget you and send them relevant information. Lead nurturing should begin with timely follow-up emails that provide valuable content. Understand everything you can about them as you cultivate them, and then customize all future messages accordingly.

If you’re going to invest heavily in content marketing, and lead creation is your primary goal, you’ll need to consider your website. Otherwise, the visitors who come to your website will never convert. You may maximize every opportunity using the suggestions above while avoiding losing disgruntled website visitors.


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