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Top best landing page design

April 26, 2022

By Lance Woolf

Welcome to the Topic “Top best landing page design

A landing page serves a specific purpose.

Traditional websites encourage visitors to explore multiple pages and categories, whereas landing pages are one-page websites that serve a single purpose: to encourage visitors to take action on a single CTA (call-to-action). 

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to sell a product, get new email subscribers, or get people to register for an event; this powerful online marketing tool can help. A compelling call to action (CTA) should be at the center of a landing page’s single message.

Unlike standard websites, where visitors arrive in a variety of ways and for a variety of reasons, landing pages are more of a promotional asset. Social media and paid Google advertisements are two common methods used by businesses to publicize their landing pages. When a potential customer clicks on your Google Ads link, this page serves as a landing page for them.

How to Make a Landing Page Effective?

A good landing page should have the following elements:

  • the use of your primary keyword in the headline
  • a subheading that provides additional context for the main heading
  • support for the offer in form of an image, video, or illustration
  • a CTA button or form that allows the user to convert


In order to help businesses sell online, ship orders, and accept payments from customers all over the world, Shopify provides a platform.

The layout of the trial landing page is simple and clean. The headline tells the reader what they can expect, and it is backed up by a compelling statistic about the site’s users.

The call to action is simple; all that is required is an email address. It’s clear from the CTA copy what’s going to happen. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a summary of the benefits, costs, and statistics. This copy is followed by a call to action (CTA) and social proof.


Top best landing page design

The About page on Medium is a great example of a landing page that is both simple and jam-packed with useful information for the curious visitor.

They convey a narrative. From the top of the page to the final fold at the bottom of the page, Medium tells a story of inspiration and celebration of curiosity through a play on typography and copy.

When it comes to designing a landing page, Medium does an excellent job. Their call to action and value can be found on nearly every header. As a result, their intended audience of readers, writers, thought leaders, and journalists — the self-described “curious minds” — is incredibly drawn to what they have to say.

Medium has mastered the art of communicating with and selling to their audience their brand, messaging, and value proposition.


With Bills.com, customers can learn more about mortgages, assess their current situation, and obtain real-time mortgage rates and loans online.

The landing page has a minimal and uncluttered design. There are four main components to this ad: a directional headline, a slider, and a call to action (CTA).

The page responds to various inputs and is user-interactive. CTA includes four steps: select your debt, whether you are behind on your payments (and how long if you are) and your state.

When you click on the CTA, you’ll see the results. People who are dealing with debt issues may find the output page to be a positive experience.


Lyft’s website, landing page, and overall online funnel have been instrumental in the company’s recent growth.

They aim to attract new drivers who want to be in charge of their own destiny. When you promise your employees freedom while they work for you, you’ll attract the best talent from your competitors.

It’s not the first time Lyft has used a landing page, but it shows the company’s commitment to quality.

See if you can find the “APPLY TO DRIVE” button on the page. It implies that the employer isn’t confident in your ability to land the job. Making your clients compete for your attention encourages them to put forth more effort in their work.

Apple Mac Pro

Top best landing page design

Top best landing page design

Apple’s marketing and aesthetic use of white space is unparalleled in the tech industry. Their Mac Pro landing page design is a good example of this.

When used properly, the scroll’s interactive capabilities are what give it its power. There’s nothing like the flick of a finger to reveal a new paragraph on your website’s landing page.

Even so, this specific landing page isn’t geared toward a typical Apple customer, and it’s a little different from the rest of their website. Photographers, videographers, and film and photo editors all need high-capacity devices for processing large amounts of raw footage and data, and the company understands their market. 

For a more effective connection with their target market, Apple incorporates both their traditional aesthetic and a sleek appeal of professionalism and technological prestige.

As is customary for Apple, the company’s narrative begins with a sparse introduction before peppering the rest of the page with technical details about its latest products.

Characteristics you should include in your landing pages:

Messages with a purpose

Web pages are full of information about a wide range of subjects. Before they reach the CTA, visitors may become impatient or distracted.

The most effective landing pages are concise and clear. In order to convey the value and benefits to visitors, they use a direct approach.

It helps you achieve your company’s goals

Your company’s objectives should be supported by all of your marketing efforts and tools. The same should be true for a landing page that has been thoughtfully constructed.

A well-crafted landing page can help you achieve any of your business objectives, from attracting new customers to increasing sales and reaching new markets. There are a wide range of uses and audiences for landing pages. They can be adapted to suit your needs.

Makes a favorable first impression

Many visitors will be introduced to your brand, products, and services for the first time on your website. Your website’s landing page serves as the gateway.

Visitors get something of value from a well-designed landing page, so it makes a good first impression. It also lays the groundwork for a long-term relationship with your brand by pointing them in the right direction.

Improving a site’s chances of converting visitors into customers begins with a good first impression.

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