Website design ideas for beginners

February 24, 2022

By Lance Woolf

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Website Design Ideas for Beginners

Website design ideas for beginners will depend on the type of website you want to create. 

We’ll assume that a beginner understands what a website is and has done a little research on what types of websites are available.

All About Website Design Ideas for Beginners

A website can be anything from a personal blog to an eCommerce storefront, depending on your goals and resources. 

Regardless of the type of website you are designing, some general guideposts will apply to all types of websites.

For instance, “beginners” refers to an inexperienced user that just started their first blog or website. Thus they have no idea where to start on building a site, getting ideas for what would be good on the site, and how to implement those ideas.

Website Design Ideas for Beginners: The Basics

If you’re a beginner, keep in mind that your site does not have to be overly flashy or complicated as long as it provides accurate information to its visitors. 

Here are some website design ideas for beginners:

Provide original content.  

Your site should provide information that is relevant to your product, service, or organization. Make sure the content you put on your site isn’t available elsewhere. 

If it is, then your visitors will go to the other sites for the information they are looking for and not come back.

Make it easy to use.

“Beginners” should avoid designing websites with tiny buttons or confusing menus where content can be easily missed. 

The last thing you want is for someone to get frustrated with your site and leave without getting what they came there for–whether that’s reading an article, learning more about a product, or making a purchase. 

Keep in mind that some of your visitors may be blind or partially sighted, so keep essential links large enough to be easily seen and navigated.

Website design ideas for beginners

Website Design Ideas for Beginners

Website Design Ideas for Beginners: Basic Navigation

Keep your site visitor-oriented by putting the most important links at the top of the page. That includes a link to other pages on your site, as well as contact information. 

Think about what you would want if you were visiting someone else’s website–wouldn’t it be helpful to have quick access to their contact information (phone number, email address, etc.)? 

Make sure buttons and menus are large enough to click on too. If they’re difficult to see or scroll through with a mouse, then your visitors will likely become discouraged, leave your site and never come back!

Bold Text Instead of Underlining Links

Avoid underlined text in links whenever possible because some users may mistake the underline for a link and accidentally click on it. 

Instead of putting links in text that is underlined, use bold text instead–it’s just as clear and easy to read while being less confusing.

Website Design Ideas for Beginners: Site Organization

When designing your site, think carefully about how best to organize its contents into categories that are simple enough for people to understand. 

If you have written an essay or article, consider breaking it down into sections with headlines so people can scan through quickly without having to read everything word for word.

Website Design Ideas for Beginners: Graphics & Media

If you want people to visit your site, make sure they know what your site is about by using eye-catching images and graphics designed for your website. 

However, make sure to use them sparingly–too much multimedia content on the page can be distracting. Your site will load faster if you avoid big videos or other heavy multimedia files (unless absolutely necessary).

Website Design Ideas for Beginners: Color Schemes

Your color scheme should not only compliment your site’s graphic design but should also reflect what you want people to get from visiting your site. 

For instance, if a business sells children’s clothing online, avoid using neon colors on its website because it doesn’t reflect sophistication. Neon colors are more suited for clubs and bars.

The same applies to businesses that sell mature products or target an older audience.

Website Design Ideas for Beginners: Making a Good Impression

Even the best website design ideas for beginners will do you no good if your site is poorly designed, not user-friendly, and looks bad. 

No matter how interesting your content or how useful it could be, people will leave your site quickly if it’s difficult to navigate through menus and links to find what they are looking for. 

It doesn’t have to look high-tech, flashy, or complicated, as long as it provides accurate information to its visitors. 

Make sure the content you put on your site isn’t available elsewhere. The foundation of your website is the design and layout of the site. Consider how you are going to design your website. 

There are three primary options to choose from when designing a site: static HTML pages, Flash, or CMS-driven designs. You can also find sites that use a combination of these methods, which is quite common.

Flash Designs

Flash designs are more demanding and complicated design. 

However, Flash does allow you some really creative designs. These sites can be expensive to make. Luckily there are free resources that help newbies build flash websites without the cost of purchasing software from Adobe or Macromedia.

CMS-driven System

CMS-driven or Content Management Systems are one of the most popular designs for beginners. This is because they are easy to implement. 

Static HTML Pages

All you need to do is build your site in HTML, which can be easily done through a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editor and upload it via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). 

Once it is uploaded, all you need to do is point the domain name of your website towards your server, and you’re done!

It allows for easy updates and maintenance. If you have a blog or news section on your site, then a CMS design will be able to update that information in real-time. For example, if you post a new article, it will be updated on your site’s blog or news page immediately! 

That means you don’t have to go back and update each individual page. It also allows for easy navigation of all your pages.

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